Extradition of Sousse Terror Suspects Reportedly Desired by Britain

3rd Aug 2015

Hotel_Pool_(375738567)According to a report on 31 July 2015, the possibility of extraditing the Sousse terror suspects, from Tunisia to the United Kingdom, to face possible terrorism charges, is proving to be a “delicate” issue between UK and Tunisian officials. The report is here.  A previous blog on the issue is here.

A British intelligence source is reported to have said: “since the majority of those killed were British there is a feeling that they were deliberately targeted. It would make sense to have suspects extradited and tried in Britain but the Tunisian authorities see this, wrongly, as an attack on their sovereignty.”

A Foreign Office spokesperson refused to comment on the matter, stating: “We never comment on extraditions. If and when an arrest is made a decision would then be taken.”

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