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1st Nov 2021

P&P Partner, Nick Vamos explores the interaction of law and politics

  Nick Vamos, Partner at Peters and Peters, explores the interaction of law and politics in the latest edition of the Law Society Gazette. The article reviews recent high-profile cases, the political context to extradition, and the different challenges this can present to courts dealing allegations of political abuse. The article was published today, is accessible without subscription, and can be […]

27th Feb 2020

Assange unhappy with treatment during extradition hearing

During this week’s four days of legal argument in the Julian Assange extradition case, a number of issues were raised by Mr Assange and his legal team in respect of his treatment and ability to partake effectively in proceedings. On the second morning of the hearing, counsel for Mr Assange, complained that his client had, […]

6th Jan 2020

CASE SUMMARY: Kalinowski v Poland [2019] 12 WLUK 263

Background facts The appellant (“K”) appealed against an order for his extradition to the respondent requesting state, Poland, to face charges of causing “medium” bodily harm. The alleged offending took place in Slovenia but involved Polish citizens. K had stabbed the victim in the abdomen with a long knife. The victim was successfully treated at […]

26th Nov 2018

INTERPOL President Kim Jong-yang promises closer cooperation between INTERPOL members to fight global security threats

On 23rd November 2018, newly elected President of INTERPOL, Kim Jong-yang, promised to use his new position to balance power between national police forces in order to increase cooperation between the members of INTERPOL when investigating global security threats. He said:  “among the 194-member states, some have excellent police power, while others have weak police […]

21st Nov 2018

Kim Jong-yang elected new President of INTERPOL

Today, South Korea’s Kim Jong-yang has been elected as INTERPOL’s next President, replacing Meng Hongwei who resigned last month after he was detained in China on charges of bribery and corruption. Under INTERPOL’s constitution, the role of the President is to: preside at meetings of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee and direct the […]

23rd Apr 2018

Ivica Todoric, owner of Agrokor will be extradited unless appeal is launched

Today the Chief Magistrate of England and Wales, Emma Arbuthnot, has ordered that Ivica Todoric be extradited to Croatia to face fraud charges. The Croatian businessman is the owner of the biggest employer in the Balkans, Agrokor. The Chief Magistrate said that there was significant evidence of fraud and that the Croatian authorities were in […]

29th Jan 2018

Croatia’s Constitutional Court halts extradition of Nurettin Oral to Turkey

Croatia’s Constitutional Court has halted the extradition of Nurettin Oral to Turkey, where he is charged with offences arising from his membership of the Kurdistan’s Workers Party (PKK).  The Court determined that the case’s complexity required further examination of Mr Oral’s arguments. Mr Oral argues that Croatia’s Supreme Court incorrectly found his refugee status in […]

29th Dec 2017

US extradites former Salvadoran military officer to Spain

The US has extradited former Salvadoran military officer Inocente Orlando Montano to Spain, where he faces charges for his alleged involvement in planning the 1989 massacre of 6 Jesuit priests and 2 others in El Salvador. A US court ruled last year that the evidence demonstrated his involvement in the plot, and this month the […]

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