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18th Feb 2022

First UK/Mexico extradition imminent

On 17 February 2022, Senior District Judge Paul Goldspring sent the case of Ms. Karime Tubilla to the Secretary of State (‘SoS’) for a decision as to whether she should be extradited to Mexico. Ms. Tubilla, who is married to former governor Javier Duarte, currently serving a nine-year prison sentence in Mexico on charges of […]

30th Oct 2019

Karime Macías released on bail pending extradition hearing

Karime Macías, the wife of the former governor of Mexico’s Veracruz province, was arrested in London on Tuesday 29 October. Six hours after her arrest, Ms Macías was released on bail pending an extradition hearing, on the condition she remain in London. Mexico is seeking her extradition in relation to charges of the misuse of […]

30th Dec 2017

Panama prepares to extradite former Mexican governor

Panama is preparing to extradite former Mexican governor of Quintana Roo Roberto Borge to Mexico, after it approved a request for his extradition on 15 December. Mexico accuses Mr Borge of corruption, money laundering, and fraud, including the sale of state-owned land at a fraction of its value. Mr Borge was arrested on 4 June […]

29th Dec 2017

Panama approves extradition of former Mexican governor Roberto Borge

Panama has approved the extradition of Roberto Borge to Mexico, where he was formerly governor of the state Quintana Roo and is accused of several offences including corruption and involvement in organised crime. Among other things, he is said to have sold state-owned properties at 1% of their value. Mr Borge was first arrested in […]

15th Sep 2017

US Court dismisses Joaquín Guzmán’s extradition challenge

A US Court has dismissed narcotics Kingpin Joaquín Guzmán’s claim that he was improperly extradited from Mexico to the US. Mr Guzmán claimed that because the extradition agreement with Mexico provided for him to be tried in either Texas or California it was improper for him to be tried in New York. However, the Government […]

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