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4th Aug 2020

China suspends Hong Kong extradition treaty with New Zealand

In the latest move in the ongoing global diplomatic saga surrounding China’s new national security law in Hong Kong, China has suspended extradition from Hong Kong to New Zealand. New Zealand had already suspended extradition to the region following similar moves by the UK, Canada, Australia and Germany. China has criticised the reaction of western […]

29th Jul 2020

New Zealand suspends extradition with Hong Kong

New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Winston Peters announced yesterday, 28 July, the suspension of extradition arrangements with Hong Kong. New Zealand is the last of the ‘Five Eyes’ allies to take action in response to the passing of a controversial Chinese national security law. In his statement, the Foreign Minister said that the new law meant […]

20th Dec 2018

New Zealand Supreme Court to hear Kim Dotcom final appeal

The internet entrepreneur known as Kim Dotcom, born Kim Schmitz, and three of his ex-colleagues  (Mathias Ortmann, Bran van der Kolk and Finn Botato) will now have their extradition appeals heard in the New Zealand Supreme Court. The four men were originally arrested, in 2012, during a police raid in Auckland. They have been charged, […]

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