Navinder Singh Sarao Update: Sarao Fails to Postpone Extradition Hearing

28th Aug 2015


On 28 August 2015, District Judge Quentin Purdy, sitting in Westminster Magistrates’ Court, rejected the application by Mr Sarao’s legal team to delay his extradition hearing to a date after September 2015. A report is here. Previous posts are available here.

Mr Sarao’s lawyer submitted, inter alia, that more time was needed to obtain expert evidence about trading and how the market worked. In particular, it was contended that this evidence would help his legal team to address whether Mr Sarao, through his trading activity, made false representations.

District Judge Purdy rejected the submissions. In particular, he held that the expert evidence was of “no assistance to [the Westminster Magistrates’] court”. This is because Judge Purdy’s task, at the extradition hearing, is to determine whether the conduct giving rise to the US criminal charges would constitute criminal offences under UK law, and not to make a pronouncement on the facts of the case.

Mr Sarao’s hearing has been set for 25 September 2015. His bail, which was granted for the first time in July, has also been extended to this date.

Mr Sarao denies the charges against him.

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