Ahmed Anees Hussain Extradition Update: No INTERPOL Red Notice Issued for Arrest

27th Sep 2015

cbiOn 18 September, it was reported that Indian police have yet to arrest Ahmed Hussain, who faces dowry charges in India. The report is here. A previous blog is here.

Newnham Recorder Investigation

On 23 July 2015, the newspaper, the Newnham Recorder, provided Bengaluru city police, in India, with Mr Hussain’s address.

The newspaper reported that Bengaluru city police had confirmed to it that an INTERPOL Red Notice to secure Mr Hussain’s immediate arrest and extradition was being urgently sought in India. However, it appears that the Red Notice has not been issued and no arrest has yet been made.

The Newnham Recorder reports that case file has passed from Bengaluru police to India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the country’s central crime agency, which issues Red Notice requests.

No details of Mr Hussain have been published on the CBI website to date, which is understood to be the usual procedure for individuals subject to a Red Notice in the country.

The issuing of Red Notices for alleged dowry offences is not without controversy. The NGO, Marital Justice UK, for example, has campaigned against perceived injustices in Indian dowry law, and improper extradition requests that stem from such legal action.

Mr Hussain denies the allegations and has said that he will address the accusations within the next 12 months.

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