UK MPs call on government to resist US calls for extradition of Lauri Love

20th Nov 2017

UK MPs have called on the government to resist US calls for the extradition of British hacking suspect Lauri Love, who faces a maximum of 99 years imprisonment if convicted in the US. Mr Love is accused by the US of engaging in cyberattacks against government websites, such as the Federal Reserve and US army, and stealing sensitive military data and the details of over 100,000 government employees.

The MPs said that Mr Love, who has Asperger syndrome, should be tried in the UK where he will likely face only a few months’ imprisonment. His lawyers have argued that the US prison system is incapable of meeting his mental and physical health needs, and there would be a high risk of him attempting suicide in the circumstances.

The High Court is due to hear Mr Love’s appeal against his extradition next week.

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