India granted leave to appeal in unsuccessful UK extradition request for Sanjeev Chawla

15th Jan 2018

India has been granted leave to appeal its unsuccessful UK extradition request for Sanjeev Kumar Chawla, a bookmaker wanted on suspicion of match fixing during South Africa’s tour of India in 2000.

The first instance court found that there were strong grounds for believing that Mr Chawla’s human rights would be violated if he was extradited to India “due to overcrowding, lack of medical provision, and risk of being subjected to torture and violence from other inmates or prison staff” in the Tihar prison complex where he would be held. The Court said that “the monitoring systems which exist in India are not effective in practice” and noted that there is also no independent international monitoring of its prisons.

Acting on India’s behalf, the Crown Prosecution Service argues in its appeal that the Court failed to take assurances from India’s government on the conditions in Tihar jail into account.

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