GRECO suggests that new Romanian criminal code amendments could make it harder to prosecute corruption cases.

11th Apr 2018

The Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), the Council of Europe anti-corruption body has expressed serious concerns over the proposed amendments to the Romanian Criminal Code. It has been suggested that the proposed measures would restrict the use of covert investigative techniques and are likely to hinder Romania’s ability to combat corruption and other serious criminal matters. Beyond the borders of Romania, GRECO also suggest that the amendments would prevent Romania from being able to comply with Europe’s Criminal Law Convention on Corruption.
GREGO have suggested that Romania needs to improve the transparency of its legislative process by developing rules on consultations, hearings and debates as well as ensuring that an urgent legislative procedure is available when needed. Additionally, GRECO explained that the process for appointing and revoking senior prosecutorial functions needs to be more objective and transparent.
GRECO have also announced that Romania have been asked to provide an update on the proposed amendments during a meeting scheduled for June 2018.

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