Manchester bombing suspect, Hashem Abedi, faces extradition hearing.

23rd May 2018

This week marked one year since the Manchester bombing. The only living suspect, Hashem Abedi, is currently being held in Libya by a militia group known as the Special Deterrence Force (SDF). Abedi was arrested by the SDF last May and the UK requested Abedi’s extradition last October, so that he could face charges relating to the Manchester Bombing that was carried out by his brother. However, it has since come to light that given he is a British and Libyan dual national, he could request, under Libyan Law, not to be extradited to the UK. Greater Manchester Police have explained that they believe Hashem Abedi helped to organise and prepare the explosives used by his brother to kill 22 victims last May.

If Abedi continues to refuse extradition to the UK, then he will face a full, contested, extradition hearing in Libya. Greater Manchester Police have said they are ready to provide evidence to help get Abedi extradited to the UK.

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