Catalan Separatists can still be arrested if they return to Spain

24th Jul 2018

Professor Clara Ponsatí, the former Catalan education minister who currently works at St Andrew’s University in Scotland, is back in court today (24th July 2018) attempting to have her case formally discharged after the Spanish Supreme Court withdrew the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) against her.

On 19th July 2018, the Spanish Supreme Court Judge, Justice Pablo Llarena, kept in place Spanish arrest warrants against former Catalan regional president Carles Puigdemont, Professor Clara Ponsatí, Mr Antoni Comín, Ms Meritxell Serret, Mr Lluís Puig, and Ms Marta Rovira. This means that although they can all now travel freely in the European Union, they could all be arrested if they try to return to Spain.

In a statement about the withdrawal of the EAWs, Professor Ponsatí’s solicitor, Mr Aamer Anwar, said “whilst the withdrawal of the arrest warrants is a tremendous victory, political prisoners still remain in custody in Spain. Clara and others have not had their national warrants withdrawn, thus making Clara a political exile – if she were to return home she would be arrested.”

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