Singapore police allege that Hong Kong declined to extradite Jho Low

12th Jul 2018

Yesterday, police in Singapore released a statement explaining that an arrest warrant was issued, in April 2016, against Mr Low Taek Jho (Jho Low) for offences of money-laundering and dishonestly receiving stolen property.

Later in April 2016, a request was sent to the Hong Kong Department of Justice to provisionally arrest Mr Low under the terms of an extradition agreement between Singapore and Hong Kong. The Singaporean police explained that this was declined by the Hong Kong authorities.

Consequently, in October 2016, Singapore requested that INTERPOL circulate a Red Notice for Mr Low’s arrest.  Both the arrest warrant and Red Notice against Mr Low are still live. The police have explained that Mr Low “remains a key person of interest to Singapore in ongoing 1MDB-related investigations.”

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