David Roach to be extradited to Singapore to face bank robbery trial

31st Oct 2018

The UK authorities have agreed to extradite, Canadian national, David Roach to Singapore to face trial for robbery on the condition that he will not be caned if he is found guilty. Mr Roach is accused of robbing the Holland Village branch of Standard Chartered bank in Singapore on 7th July 2016.  After the alleged robbery, Mr Roach travelled to Thailand where he was jailed for 14 months for failing to declare Sg$30,000 which were believed to be the proceeds of the robbery. The Thai authorities then decided to deport Mr Roach to Canada. However, on the way to Canada, Mr Roach was detained at London’s Heathrow airport by the Metropolitan Police Extradition Unit, on  11th January 2018.

Following a request from the UK authorities, Singaporean authorities agreed not to use corporal punishment, specifically caning, against Mr Roach if he is found guilty of the bank robbery.

In August 2018, Westminster Magistrates’ Court ruled that Mr Roach could be extradited to Singapore. The court dismissed Mr Roach’s argument that his extradition to Singapore would breach his human rights. The Home Secretary has now given permission for the extradition to go ahead.   

Mr Roach has until 8th November 2018 to appeal against the order for his extradition.

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