INTERPOL renews Red Notice against MOL Chief Executive, Zsolt Hernadi

19th Nov 2018

INTERPOL has renewed a Red Notice against the head of Hungarian energy group, MOL. The Red Notice request was issued by the Croatian judicial authorities who have indicted MOL’s Chief Executive,  Zsolt Hernadi, on allegations of bribery. It is alleged that Mr Hernadi paid bribes to the former Croatian Prime Minister, Ivo Sanader, in order to allow MOL to acquire management rights in Croatian energy company, INA. 

The trial of Mr Sanader began last month, in Croatia. Mr Hernadi is also being tried by the Croatian courts, in his absence.

Two years ago, Hungary refused to extradite Mr Hernadi, and INTERPOL subsequently deleted the Red Notice stating that Croatia and Hungary, as EU Members States, must first handle the case within the EU.

On Saturday, INTERPOL’s executive committee reversed its previous decision. INTERPOL’s renewal of the Red Notice against Mr Hernadi is surprising because in 2016, an UNCITRAL arbitration panel ruled that evidence, presented by Croatia, was insufficient to prove corruption. INTERPOL’s decision also goes against the August 2018 Hungarian Court decision, to refuse to execute a European Arrest Warrant on the basis that Mr Hernadi could not face a fair trial if he were extradited to Croatia.

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