UK court rules that Sanjeev Chawla can be extradited to India

8th Jan 2019

Yesterday, 7 January 2019, Westminster Magistrates’ Court ruled that Sanjeev Chawla could be extradited to India to face cricket match-fixing charges. Indian authorities accuse Mr Chawla of acting as a link between South African cricket captain, Hansie Cronje and bookmakers who wanted to fix matches in early 2000.

In June 2016, Mr Chawla was arrested in London. Initially, on 16 October 2017, Westminster Magistrates’ Court concluded there was a prima facie case for Mr Chawla to answer in India but that his human rights could not be guaranteed in Tihar jail, where he was to be held.

Next, in November 2018, the UK High Court quashed Westminster Magistrates’ Court order against extraditing Mr Chawla to India and directed the District Judge to re-start the extradition proceedings against Mr Chawla. The decision to quash the initial order came after the Indian government provided assurances about the conditions in which Mr Chawla would be detained if he were convicted and given a custodial sentence in Tihar jail. You can find our coverage of the High Court decision here.

After yesterday’s ruling, the case will now go to Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, who will decide whether to make the formal extradition order. If the Home Secretary approves the extradition, Mr Chawla’s extradition will take place within the next two months.

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