Irish Supreme Court rejects Eric Marques’ extradition appeal

21st Mar 2019

Yesterday, 20 March 2019, Eric Marques had his Supreme Court appeal against his extradition from Ireland to the US rejected.

US authorities have requested Mr Marques’ extradition on charges including conspiracy to distribute and advertise indecent images of children. The charges relate to extremely violent and graphic images that were uploaded to over 100 anonymous websites. The FBI allege that Mr Marques is the owner and administrator of those anonymous websites.

Mr Marques was originally arrested by the Gardaí in 2013 when the US authorities formally requested his extradition. HIs appeal is founded on a challenge against the Irish Director of Public Prosecution’s (DPP) decision not to prosecute him in Ireland, for offences arising from the same conduct as the US charges.

On 20 March 2019, the Irish Supreme Court upheld the judgments of the Irish High Court and the Irish Court of Appeal and dismissed Mr Marques’ appeal. The Irish Supreme Court ruled that the DPP could decide not to prosecute Mr Marques in Ireland and that there was no obligation on the Irish Minister of Justice to seek reasons for the DPP’s decision. The Irish Supreme Court did not stay the ruling which means that Mr Marques could be extradited to the US immediately.

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