Jack Shepherd consents to his extradition to the UK

27th Mar 2019

Yesterday, 26 March 2019, Jack Shepherd appeared before a Georgian court to confirm he will not contest his extradition to the UK. The UK authorities requested his extradition so that he could serve a term of imprisonment for the manslaughter by gross negligence of his date, Charlotte Brown, who was killed in a speedboat crash on the Thames in 2018. Mr Shepherd was tried and sentenced at the Old Bailey, in his absence, to 6-years imprisonment . Mr Shepherd’s extradition was also sought so that he could face one charge of causing Grievous Bodily Harm with intent contrary to s18 Offences Against the Person Act 1861. That charge relates to an incident in Devon that occurred whilst Mr Shepherd was leaving the UK, in which he allegedly knocked a barman unconscious with a vodka bottle in a pub, whilst under the influence of alcohol.

In the hearing in Georgia, Mr Shepherd’s lawyer, Mariam Kublashvili , said Mr Shepherd had agreed to be extradited, but only if his safety was taken into consideration by the judge who would hear the case in the UK.

Speaking before the hearing, Ms Kublashvili told Rustavi-2 TV that Mr Shepherd feared for his safety in the UK. She explained that “because of the attitude of the British media and public he truly does not feel himself to be human.”

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