France requests extradition of unlicensed medicine salesman

1st Nov 2019

David Noakes, the former CEO of Immino Biotech a Guernsey based company, is facing extradition to France to face prosecution on nine charges including the marketing of unlicensed medicines.

Mr Noakes was convicted by a UK court in November 2018 and sentenced to 15 months’ imprisonment. Immuno Biotech illegally made and distributed GcMAF (marketed as a cure for autism, HIV and cancer) globally from the UK. He had previously pleaded guilty to charges of money laundering and the manufacture, supply and sale of unlicensed medicines.

Mr Noakes, representing himself, told Westminster Magistrates’ Court that he never conducted any activities relating to GcMAF in France and argued the warrant for his arrest contained numerous inaccuracies and was therefore unlawful  Further, Mr Noakes argued that his extradition should be barred by the principle of double jeopardy pursuant to section 12 of the Extradition Act 2003, as he had already been convicted and sentenced in the UK for the French offences.

Benjamin Seifert, acting for the Crown Prosecution Service, countered that the offences that are the subject of the French proceedings were committed on different dates to the offences of which Mr Noakes had already been convicted save for the money laundering charge which was not being pursued.

District Judge Nina Tempia will rule on the extradition request on 7 November.

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