Meng Wanzhou asks Canada to stay extradition proceedings

22nd Nov 2019

Lawyers for Huawei Chief Financial Officer, Meng Wanzhou, have asked a Canadian court to stay her extradition proceedings. Ms Meng is sought by the US in relation to charges of bank fraud and misleading US banks inducing them into carrying out business with a telecoms company in violation of US sanctions against Iran.

Lawyers for Ms Meng argue that the principal of dual criminality, as required for extradition to take place from Canada, has not been met by virtue of the fact that Canada was not party to the sanctions against Iran and therefore it would not be illegal, in Canada, to trade with telecoms companies in Iran. The inclusion of charges of Bank fraud however do satisfy the double criminality requirement and so it remains to be seen how to Canadian court will approach these submissions at the full hearing next year.

Read more about the background of this case here.

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