Eamonn Harrison to be extradited to UK

25th Jan 2020

The High Court in Dublin has ruled in favour of the extradition of Eamonn Harrison. Mr Harrison is facing 39 charges of manslaughter and two conspiracy charges in connection with the deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrant workers found in a refrigerated container in Essex on 23 October 2019.

Mr Harrison’s lawyers argued that there was no evidence the victims had died in the UK and queried why the UK was seeking his extradition when his alleged offending took place in Belgium. His legal team further criticised the warrant issued by the UK as ‘rushed’.

Despite the ruling, Mr Justice Donald Binchy delayed the extradition date until 4 February 2020. Mr Harrison’s lawyers indicated that they may appeal when they have had sight of the detailed judgment, to be handed down on Monday 27 January.

Categories: Ireland, United Kingdom

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