US refuses UK request to extradite Ann Sacoolas

12th Jan 2020

The US has rejected the UK’s request to extradite Ann Sacoolas to face charges of death by dangerous driving, calling it ‘highly inappropriate’.

Ms Sacoolas was charged in December 2019 with causing the death of Harry Dunne in August 2019. Mr Dunne, 19, was killed when his motorcycle was struck outside an RAF base in Northampton where Ms Sacoolas’ husband was based as an intelligence officer. Authorities allege that Ms Sacoolas was driving the vehicle that struck Mr Dunne and that at the relevant time, she was travelling on the wrong side of the road

In the aftermath of the collision, Ms Sacoolas fled to the US and claimed diplomatic immunity before police were able to question her. Following the CPS’s charging decision, the UK authorities began extradition proceedings and on Friday 10 January, the Home Office announced that a formal request for Ms Sacoolas’ extradition had been sent to US authorities.

The US State Department stated in an email on Saturday 11 January, that at the time of the collision, Ms Sacoolas was covered by diplomatic immunity and an extradition request “under these circumstances would be an abuse”. The State Department said it would continue to explore “options moving forward”.

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