US issues new charges against Meng Wanzhou

14th Feb 2020

The US has issued a superseding indictment, in respect of Meng Wanzhou, detailing 16 additional charges of conspiracy to commit racketeering and steal trade secrets. Ms Meng is currently resisting extradition proceedings in Canada which would see her sent to the US to face trial.

The US Department of Justice said in its press release that Ms Meng and Huawei’s efforts to steal trade secrets “were successful”. It is alleged that Huawei recruited employees from other companies and directed them to misappropriate their former employer’s intellectual property. Further allegations relate to the institution of a bonus scheme to reward employees who obtained confidential information from competitors.

The superseding indictment comes as tensions between the US and China are rising over Huawei’s attempts to secure 5G contracts.

Ms Meng was initially arrested in December 2018 while changing planes at Vancouver airport, following the issue of an extradition request from the US, which accused her of lying to the HSBC bank about Huawei’s involvement with Iranian-based companies, in violation of US sanctions on Iran.

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