Meng Wanzhou raises new arguments in extradition fight

16th Jun 2020

Lawyers for Huawei Technologies Chief Financial Officer, Meng Wanzhou, have raised new arguments in their ongoing bid to prevent her extradition to the US from Canada. Ms Meng’s legal team is seeking to have proceedings stayed as an abuse of process on the grounds that the case submitted by the US is “grossly inaccurate” and “so replete with intentional and reckless errors” that it amounts to a violation of her rights under the Canadian Charter.

The US wants to secure Ms Meng’s extradition to stand trial on charges of bank fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy and sanctions violations. Ms Meng’s lawyers contend that the US case, as submitted to the Canadian authorities, is “materially misleading” in that it fails to mention key disclosures made by Ms Meng to HSBC in 2013 regarding Huawei’s business links to Iran through Skycom Tech Co Ltd. These disclosures are central to the accusation that Ms Meng misled HSBC as to the nature of Huawei’s relationship with Skycom to facilitate the conduct of transactions in violation of US sanctions against Iran.

In addition to this fresh claim of abuse of process, Ms Meng’s legal team argue that her arrest was unlawful and that her Charter rights were violated by border officials. Prior to Ms Meng’s arrest, border police seized her electronic devices and passwords which were subsequently shared with the Royal Canadian Mountain Police.

Associate Chief Justice Heather Holmes adjourned the case until 23 June to allow time for both sides to agree a timetable.

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