Tag: Issuing Judicial Authority

8th Aug 2020

Belgian court refuses extradition of ex-Catalan minister

A Belgian court yesterday refused the Spanish government’s request for the extradition of ex-Catalan culture minister Lluis Puig on charges of misusing public funds in the organisation of an outlawed independence referendum. Mr Puig has been in exile in Brussels since fleeing Spain in October 2017 with other Catalan secessionist politicians fearing arrest for their […]

27th Nov 2019

CJEU Advocate General Campos Sánchez-Bordona publishes opinion on the requirements of an “issuing judicial authority”

The Court of Justice delivered two judgments in May 2019 which considered whether the Public Prosecutors’ Offices of Member States fell within the definition of an “issuing judicial authority” for the purposes of the EAW Framework Decision. The cases considered the position of the prosecuting authorities of Germany and Lithuania. In deciding those cases the […]

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