14th Nov 2019

Carvajal missing in Spain following grant of permission to extradite

Following the reversal of a Spanish court’s decision to refuse the extradite Major General Hugo Carvajal to the US on charges of drug trafficking, authorities have been unable to locate him. On 16 September 2019 Spain’s highest criminal court (“Audiencia National”) rejected the US request, declaring it to be politically motivated, and ordered his release. […]

4th Nov 2019

Israel halts extradition of Russian hacker to US

On Sunday 3 November, Israel’s High Court of Justice ordered a stay on the extradition of Aleksey Burkov to the US. Mr Burkov, a Russian IT specialist, is wanted in the US on charges of money laundering, identity theft, fraud and illegal access of a computer relating to a large-scale credit card fraud. The case […]

1st Nov 2019

Alexander Adamescu granted permission to appeal against extradition

Alexander Adamescu has been granted permission to appeal against the decision of District Judge Zani at Westminster Magistrates’ Court to order his extradition to Romania. Mr Adamescu is sought for extradition on two charges of bribing judges. Mr Adamescu’s initial application for permission was refused by the High Court on all six grounds. His renewed […]

29th Oct 2019

US trader denied bail in extradition proceedings

Joseph El-Khouri, a US securities trader facing extradition to the US on charges of insider trading, was yesterday denied bail at Westminster Magistrates’ Court. Mr El-Khouri is one of six people indicted by the US in connection with a global insider trading ring in the past two weeks. Others implicated in the offending include Edward […]

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